5 of the Best Productivity Apps for Android

Let’s assume that at the very least, most of us have a basic understanding of how supply vs. demand works. As long as the demand for the perfect app remains high, developers will work to meet the demand by churning out newer, more efficient productivity apps.


I have highlighted 5 of Android’s top-rated productivity apps below. They are listed in the order they are ranked on the “Top Charts” lists.

  1. IFTTT is THE ultimate in productivity. It is designed to automate those small, repetitive daily tasks that gnaw away at your precious time and PERFORM THEM FOR YOU! Is there a mass email that needs to be sent at a specific time? IFTTT. Forgot to set your TV to record that show tonight? IFTTT. Want to get a notice when your car is nearing maintenance dates? IFTTT. The app works with your house, car and office. Tasks are automated by creating an applet, which is done by combining a “trigger” and an “action.” An applet is essentially an automatic action in “if this, then that” form. Currently, there are 500+ apps that can fully integrate with IFTTT.


  1. Evernote has been hailed as the greatest note-taking app to date. While that may be true, it is the combination of seamless note-taking with the ability to use it as a planner, and insert a checklist/to-do list. New notes may be added in a variety of formats, including images, scanned documents, sketches, screenshots, text, and audio. Evernote allows the usage of keywords which are searchable, eliminating the time it takes to scan each document file when searching for specific topics.


  1. Dropbox is a cloud-based file host and file synchronization across all devices. This is a huge time-saver; you no longer have to open each program separately to access saved files. Instead, you are able to save all types of files in Dropbox. Open one app for access to ALL you need!


  1. Pocket is an app that has gained popularity very recently. With the app, you are able to save web pages, articles, even videos to one secure location. You don’t have to succumb to interruptions just because you don’t want to lose the specific page or document you’re interested in.


  1. LastPass may seem like a basic app that you can make it without. The app does just what it hints at … providing a safe and easily-accessible location for storing your ever-growing list of account usernames, email addresses, passwords, pins, and any other log-in info you can think of!


Though you may struggle to hear negative comments about any of the aforementioned apps, do not get frustrated if you find that one of them does not work for you. There are plenty more apps in the Google Store, and you are sure to find an app that suits your needs and improves your productivity.